• What is the brokerage Commission Split?

    At REALTY MAX you earn 100% commission on sales transactions below $750,000 and 95% commission on sales transactions above $750,000 as a MAX AGENT with no Monthly Fees. This is why we are a leading brokerage company that allows you to earn more money when you compare us to other standard 70/30, 90/10 split brokerages & even other 100% brokerages when you closely compare all fees. REALTY MAX equals more money in your pocket so you can reinvest more into your business.


  • Are there Monthly Fees?

    Nope and this is an area to pay close attention to if you are currently with or researching other 100% brokerages. If you do an in depth research you’ll find that you may get the 100% commission but have to pay a Monthly Fee or other Hidden Fees such as Training Fees or unfair CAPS resulting in your 100% commission being reduced. Feel free to ask us about our CAPS.
  • Are there any desk, initial, franchise or hidden fees?

    Nope, its $0 here at REALTY MAX!
  • Are there any Transaction Fees?

    Yes, it’s a low $399 fee plus $55 for Errors & Omissions insurance both paid per transaction side and at closing. You also have the option to add it on to your clients processing/transaction fee and have them pay for it. We are flexible here at REALTY MAX and allow you the freedom to run your business how it makes more sense for you.
  • What is Contract to Close Assistance?

    It’s optional assistance from a transaction coordinator who assists on some of your tasks from the moment you go under contract through closing.
  • How much money can I save by switching to REALTY MAX?

    If we base it off 20 sales a year with an average sales price of $350k @ 3% commission, you can save the following by switching over to REALTY MAX:

    $57,020 if you are currently with a brokerage that offers a 70/30 split & $499 transaction fee.
    $15,020 if you are currently with a brokerage that offers a 90/10 split & $499 transaction fee.

  • Is there Broker Support?

    Yes and what’s even better is that you get her direct cellphone contact to call or text when you need it most. Our Broker is friendly and to her no question is silly. You’ll quickly establish a supportive relationship and trust with her.
  • Do you offer Training?

    Yes and it’s conveniently On Demand in your AGENT PORTAL ready for you to take advantage of when its most convenient for you. We also offer additional in person training if you prefer with local industry experts. You will also receive ongoing updates of relevant industry information via email.
  • Do you hire Part Time agents?

    Yes, come on board and we will show you the techniques that have helped families earn the income that a regular 9-5pm job can earn and more working a lot less so you can have more time for yourself and your family. This really is a life changer!
  • Are meetings mandatory or is there any required floor time?

    Nope, we strongly believe that MAX AGENTS are most successful when they are in control of their own time and daily activities. We won’t bother you with mandatory meetings or required floor time like other brokerages do. We are a phone call or text away for you when you need us.
  • What workspace can I work from?

    Modern day workspace has had a great shift to a work from home environment and people are loving it. You can run your daily administrative tasks from your own home office or favorite public wifi spot such as a coffee shop. When you need to meetup with a client its to either show a property to a buyer or meeting the seller to list their home, either way the home is where the business is at so you’d be meeting them there. The next meeting would be home inspections, appraisal and final walk through and yes that’s right, you guessed it…the home is where the business is at again. Celebration day comes and everyone needs to meetup for the closing and this takes place at the title company or lender and that would be your meetup space. Under any other scenario where you must use an office space to meet up with your client, you would give us a call with prior notice and we will schedule you in at our Headquarter Offices in Coral Gables, Dadeland or LP Offices.

  • How long is the sign up process?

    Sign up is easy and done quickly, usually between 5-10 minutes.
  • Does the Broker hold an Escrow account?

    No, but you can check with the title company that you usually work with and check with them to see if they can hold escrow.
  • I’m ready to Join REALTY MAX, what do I need to do?

    Click HERE to fill out a form and someone will reach out to you shortly. You may also call 1-866-MAX-AGENT.
  • How can I avoid paying the MLS fees and save hundreds of dollars?

    Simple, join as a PARKED AGENT because it doesn’t require MLS association.


  • What does it mean to be a PARKED AGENT and is it the right plan for me?

    It means that you get to park your license and avoid paying MLS fees in exchange for a low annual fee of $99. It also means that you will be on Active Status with DBPR and able to legally practice real estate. If you have a client at any given moment, you have two options:
    1. Work your client on your own and earn 80% commission.


    1. Refer your client to us by clicking HEREand receive 90% commission of a 25% referral fee once the deal closes.

    The PARKED AGENT plan is ideal for you if you really have not been working deals lately and want to cut back on expenses like the MLS fees that can range anywhere from $800-$1700 a year. Or maybe you are on inactive status, retired, relocated or new to real estate and prefer to do a couple of deals before having to invest on paying the MLS fees upfront to get a brokerage to contract you. If this sounds like you, then PARKED AGENT is exactly the right plan for you. Click HERE to start today!

  • Do I need to do anything with my current broker before I make the switch?

    If you don’t have any current listings you don’t have to worry about anything else with your current broker. We will handle the switch for your discretely with no need to contact them. If you have current listings you should wait before making the switch as you will no longer be able to have them active after the switch and you would most likely lose them. As soon as you cancel or close out any current listings we are ready for you as a PARKED AGENT! Save our number in the meantime to your contact list as 1-866-4GET-MLS
  • Do I have to do anything else after signing up and how long does the switch take?

    No, we handle the rest and will reach out to you should we need further information. The switch can take just a couple of hours to 24 hours depending on when you signup.
  • Will I get access to the MLS to search for properties?

    Within our agent portal we provide you access to a nationwide MLS with access to limited information that synchronizes most information from the local MLS.
  • Why should I switch my license from Inactive status to Active status?

    Inactive agents cannot legally practice real estate and lose out on transactions opportunities that come up throughout the years including their own personal real estate transactions. On average agents lose their licenses after 2 years on inactive status because they just let it go or fail to complete the required continuing education. The real estate license is one of the hardest licenses to obtain which is why it is a shame to lose it. At one point or another you will find it useful for the sale or purchase of one of your own properties and save thousands of dollars or someone close to you and earn thousands of dollars. As a PARKED AGENT you will be on Active Status and able to legally practice real estate without the requirement of being an MLS member.
  • Can I continue to refer clients if I move out of state or country?

    Yes, many agents live outside of the state that they are licensed in and still refer clients.


  • Can I earn a referral fee on properties that I buy or sell for myself?

    Yes, just submit a regular Refer a Client form or give us a call so that we can handle the whole transaction for you with expertise
  • Can I maintain my current MLS membership as a PARKED AGENT?

    No, unless you are practicing real estate in another state where you currently live.


  • I have more questions, who can I speak to?

    Call 1-866-4GET-MLS and a staff member will help you out.